BC SMITH - Composer

From the powerful groundbreaking music of his first film score SMOKE SIGNALS (Sundance Film Festival’s Audience Award and Filmmakers Trophy winner), to the minimalist electronic textures of the upcoming Mandalay Pictures / Netflix film AMATEUR, BC Smith is one of those rare composers firmly entrenched in a world of diverse and eclectic musical styles.

Whether working with modular synthesizers, multifarious ensembles, large orchestras, peyote singers, aleatorics or electronics, BC believes that film scoring is an evolving art form and he approaches every film from its own unique perspective. A multiinstrumentalist, he is known for his unique collection of bespoke instruments and electronics. He believes that audiences crave new sounds and he’s passionate about creating an original sonic pallet and score that is truly born from the story, psychology and aesthetic of each film.

Notable projects include MGM’s MOD SQUAD , Chris Eyre’s award-winning films, SKINS, EDGE OF AMERICA, and the Robert Redford produced Tony Hillerman detective series (THIEF OF TIME, SKINWALKERS, COYOTE WAITS), composing the song "Empty Sky" for the Jim Sheridan film BROTHERS (Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman), scoring the John Cusack and Emma Roberts starred ADULT WORLD, Horror Master Tobe Hooper’s final film DJINN and the recently completed AMANDA AND JACK GO GLAMPING staring Amy Acker and David Arquette.

Currently, he is scoring the sci-fi film ALT starring SALEM'S Elise Eberle and Sloane Morgan Siegel for Director Cornelia Moore and Producer Larry Estes.

His love of pushing boundaries has led to his current ongoing collaboration with NIN / How To Destroy Angels multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Cortini under the nom de guerre ACBC. Together their unique blend of electronics and analog defy any pre defined genre. Winners of a bronze Clio and silver Eurobest Cannes Lion for their music, their international projects include Gus Van Sant and Martin Werner directed campaigns for BMW, the award-winning 8 part Woodkid directed films for Rihanna’s album ANTI and the firefighting documentary BURN, winner of the Tribeca Film Festival’s Audience Award.

BC is also an accomplished amateur magician and member of the Academy of Magical Arts world famous Magic Castle. He specializes in intimate curated evenings of haunted artifacts and paranormal entertainment.

His wife is a commercial airline pilot and when he’s not scoring films, they travel globally with their four-year-old son.